6 Ways to Practically Grow Your Business with Digital Marketing in 2023

One of our clients, in the eatery business, had stagnated on their Instagram followers. We suggested to them the importance of SEO through the blog, that not only improved the ranking of their pages on relevant keywords by doing the SEO right, but also helped them increase Instagram followers from 6k+ to 17k+. All these positive developments helped in increasing their online enquiries by up to 4 times in 6 months time. The digital marketing techniques in order to grow a business should be effective, chosen out of a variety of methods /components available, as digital marketing is a very vast and dynamic field. It is important these days for businesses to have an online presence as the customers prefer spending most of their time on digital platforms whether it’s general surfing and reading to gain knowledge or shopping. Businesses should create content which is personalized for the customers and should reflect their choices, behavior and mannerisms. The digital presence will help increase sales as well as direct interaction and feedback from customers about the brand etc.

1.   Strong Social Media Presence

Social media is a very powerful marketing tool. Many businesses solely rely on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram for their sales. Facebook’s marketplace feature and Instagram’s Shop features are really popular among customers. With the help of an online presence, a brand can reach out to millions of customers. Social media helps you to be better aware of your target audience and you can know their reviews about the products /services. A business can convert interested people into potential leads and finally customers with the help of social media.

2.   Maintain a Blog About an Informational Topic

Maintenance of a blog regarding your products, services and industry is a factor of interest for many customers and interested people as they love to know detailed information about the brand. Apart from regular customers, we can also attract new potential people to our website who genuinely find the information on the blogs useful and worth reading. Blog readers can also be converted into customers and a brand’s target audience.

  1. Search Engine Optimization

It is a common saying in marketing that if your brand is not seen by customers, your product won’t be sold in the market. Hence it is very important for a business to rank their business on search engine pages. Search engine Optimization enables businesses to rank on the first page of the search engine so that customers can easily find them and increase their visibility on the online platform. Businesses use special specific keywords to rank their business as whenever people type about the respective product or brand their business is shown to the customers. Problem solving and tips and tricks containing blogs are often ready by most customers

4.   Place a Lead Magnet

A lead magnet is an incentive which allows businesses to capture information like the email address or contact information details of a reader with the help of any free downloadable material. It could be an e-book or pdf. This type of incentive is usually free and should provide utility out of the piece of information. If the incentive is useful, people are more likely to provide their information. Whatever problems or issues have been faced by customers, you could preferably get written a Pdf or ebook on the solution for those topics.

5.   Build and Nurture an Email List

You get direct access to your core audience and potential buyers or customers when you build an email list. Email marketing follows a procedure in which potential leads are tried to be converted into customers with the help of step by step email. Businesses can try to maintain their relationship with the help of emails. Many tools like Getresponse and Mailchimp are used to maintain email subscriber lists along with subscription forms.

6.   Target Specific Demographics

Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing helps to target particular age groups and geographic locations. Demographic targeting also allows businesses to target on the basis of interest and sometimes even purchase behavior. Purchase behavior signifies their shopping behavior on online platforms.