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What is PPC in digital marketing?

What is PPC in digital marketing?



PPC in Digital Marketing

On the internet, there are many places where advertisements can be displayed for a fee. Pay-Per-Click (abbreviated as PPC) marketing is a type of internet advertising. In which the advertiser is charged a fee each time one of their ads is clicked on by a potential customer. PPC in Digital Marketing can take on a variety of guises. However, the most straightforward way to explain it is to say that PPC search ads are the ones that appear at the top of a Google results page and are labeled with the word “ad.”

There are many different reasons why a company might decide to use this marketing and advertising method; for us. It’s quick and efficient, and the results are often as evident as the day is long. The idea of knowing the return on investment (ROI) right down to the penny is appealing to a lot of different businesses. When you are setting up a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign. You might decide to create a system in which you pay when an ad is viewed (referred to as viewable impressions), when an ad is clicked (referred to as pay-per-click), or if a particular action (referred to as a conversation) is carried out. These actions might include getting a potential customer to click on an advertisement, which would lead them to a landing page on your website, where they would fill out a form.

The Benefits of Using PPC in Digital Marketing

PPC in Digital Marketing has numerous benefits for your business, including the following:

1.    PPC in Digital Marketing is a cost-effective way to reach audiences

Advertising campaigns based on the pay-per-click model give you complete discretion over the amount of money spent and where and how ads are displayed. You will quickly find the optimal balance between spending and returns on investment if you continue to optimize your PPC campaign.

When you use our PPC services, you won’t ever have to worry about paying for ad impressions or reach. Because you only pay for clicks, you have complete command over your financial resources.

  • PPC in Digital Marketing generates immediate traffic

While your organic marketing efforts are concentrated on getting your content to appear on the first page of Google, PPC advertising slots have already been created; therefore, there is no reason not to use these slots and begin generating business.

It may take several months to move up in the rankings of organic search results for specific keywords. Even though organic growth is essential for developing a sustainable brand, there are situations in which more immediate results are required.

  1. PPC in Digital Marketing generates hot leads

Through PPC in Digital Marketing, you can communicate with the appropriate individuals precisely when they demonstrate an interest in acquiring the products or services you offer.

Not only will you pay for each click, but customers who are already interested in your offer will be shown your product. This increases the likelihood that they will make a purchase.

4. PPC ads result in a positive return on investment

Everything that can be measured also has the potential to be improved and turned into a revenue stream.

Because pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns are simple to measure, in contrast to many other advertising options, this enables you to modify your advertisements until they generate a positive return on investment (ROI).

5. Your SEO strategies can benefit from PPC user data.

Before committing to more long-term SEO strategies, you can put your keyword strategy to the test in pay-per-click advertising.

Because paid search is not subject to the same privacy concerns as organic search, you can obtain a comprehensive view of the keywords that convert, including the percentage of conversions they result in and the associated costs.

PPC keyword data can therefore be directly fed into organic search marketing (also known as SEO), in addition to optimizing metadata, headlines, and keywords that have already been implemented.

PPC campaigns make it possible for you to enhance all of the content on your website immediately, eliminating the need to wait for the content to rank organically.

6. PPC in Digital Marketing is not affected by changes to the algorithm

PPC in Digital Marketing provides consistency, in contrast to content marketing and SEO, which depend on the latest search engine algorithm updates. PPC algorithms are rarely subject to high-impact changes, so you can quickly judge how successful your current and future campaigns will be based on the metrics you’ve collected in the past.

7. Paid search advertisements provide multiple tiers of targeting options

With PPC in Digital Marketing, you can easily target specific customer profiles locally and internationally because metrics such as user ages, locations, and interests are readily available at your fingertips.

Even better, as you experiment with pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, you will be able to see what kinds of users respond to your campaigns and what platforms those users use. It will allow you to hyper-target different audiences on platforms where they convert most successfully.

8. Your social media marketing strategy can benefit from PPC user data

A PPC campaign integrated across search and social can significantly increase conversion rates while simultaneously lowering the cost per customer acquisition compared to standalone PPC campaigns.

This is because you will obtain more customer data across all channels, which can be combined strategically to improve your campaigns further.

When advertising on Google, for instance, you can use a feature called “Audience Observations” to inform the social targeting you employ.

The return on ad spend (ROAS) should be high if PPC in digital marketing is working properly because a visitor to your site is worth more than what you pay. However, building a successful PPC campaign involves much more than just paying for clicks and getting traffic. It comprises choosing the appropriate keywords, grouping them into organized campaigns and ad groups, and developing conversion-optimized PPC landing pages.

Understanding the best ways to run a PPC campaign is critical because search engines will reward more relevant, well-targeted PPC campaigns with lower-cost ad clicks. Suppose your ads are satisfying and helpful to users.

10 Effective Google Ads Strategies for E-commerce Brands to Boost Your Sales

10 Effective Google Ads Strategies for E-commerce Brands to Boost Your Sales

We came across a Google Ad client at Business Digital Agency, who was in search of closing more sales for their business. Our experts came up with a spending budget of 1 lakh per month according to their competitive niche. And here is the interesting bit. Within only 45 DAYS we were able to generate 10 lakh+ sales for the premium brand, just by spending 1,63,611₹ . That’s right! This means we were able to give our client an ROI of 6.14x !

Still, It’s impossible to know Google’s metrics, nor do we know how they select their favourites. To master Google’s art, we must follow their updates and try to do the impossible. The good news is that creating a successful Google Ads strategy for e-commerce is not all that difficult.

By using Google Ads, digital marketers in the eCommerce sector can reach a wider audience and increase profits. To help marketers plan better and more profitable campaigns, we have listed the 10 effective Google Ads strategies for e-commerce Brands to Boost Your Sales. But first, to end up with a successful ads campaign you first need to know what exactly is Google ads and their types.


What are Google Ads?

Google promotions are ads that Google shows on its web crawler results page and in different areas across Google administrations. These ads target users based on surfing behaviour and promote various Google products and services.

A marking effort means to expand awareness of your item, administration, or cause. You might utilize brand mindfulness and arrive at your objective through Google Ads to assist you with accomplishing these objectives by expanding traffic to your site or empowering individuals to interact with your brand.


Types of Google Ads That Will Help Us In Increasing Your eCommerce Sales.


  1. Google search ads

On the Google SERP, text-based Google search adverts are displayed (search engine results page). These promotions, for the most part, show up on top of indexed lists not long before the natural outcomes.

You can target and pay for specific watchwords in light of what your client would look like.

For instance, if you’re a digital marketing institute, your user will search “digital marketing course in (prefered City).” Your ad will be displayed on top by targeting this keyword with a high bid amount.


  1. Display ads

Unlike looking through advertisements, Display ads don’t depend on text or Keywords yet are picture based. These advertisements focus on the people who aren’t effectively hoping to purchase your item but might be keen on it.

Your Google Ads appear through the Google Display Network. You might see your promotions showing up with the ideal interest group’s qualities.

PS: You can reach as many as 90% of internet users through Google Display Ads!


  1. Video Ads

You may or may not know this, but YouTube is another powerful only video search engine that Google owns. It is likewise one of the most remarkable ways of conveying your message to your clients. They are always placed before the YouTube videos you’ve searched for.


  1. Shopping ads

Shopping ads are a blessing for e-commerce businesses. These are shown when one looks for an item. Since the items are displayed alongside the cost on top, it is a chance for internet business organizations to stand in a position to reach a large audience.

You can also promote and advertise your apps on Google through Google Play, YouTube, Search, and the Google Display Network.


10 Effective Google Ads Strategies :


  1. Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) Campaign

While crafting your google ads e-commerce strategy, you can choose from many different types of display ads – responsive display ads, Gmail ads, and uploaded image ads. Google has confirmed that the first of these types, responsive digital ads get the maximum reach of all, and you should consider them as your google ads strategy for e-commerce. The many benefits of DSA include:

  • Change is consequently found in various formats in the Google Display Network.
  • You’ll save time on campaign administration.
  • More tailored ads and broad keyword coverage.
  • You’ll get access to high-performing keywords that you may use as manual campaigns.
  • When you change the content on your website, your ads will automatically update.
  • Longer keyword phrases.
  1. Dynamic Remarketing Campaign

As most of you know, Remarketing is imperative because not all potential customers visiting your site will buy straight away. Because consumers spend 95% of their time away from Google, you must continue to impact them through Google search and your website and other channels like the Google Display network.

Through this, when your client is looking at an article or watching a video, your remarketing promotion will help them to remember the item they saw previously and enjoyed.


  1. Shopping & Pmax Campaigns

The google ads system will assist you in tapping great deals in Google shopping. Google’s features allow you to sell to your customers directly on Google and drive high-intent traffic to your website.

Through this, your customers will get vital information about your product before they click on your ad and decide to find out more.

Through this, your clients will get essential data about your item before they click on your promotion and choose to figure out more.

As per the latest updates, Google Shopping efforts are being named Performance Max campaigns. Performance Max is an objective-based campaign that requires just a CTA and a couple of creatives.

All of the rest is managed by Google’s algorithms. Therefore, if you need to begin another Shopping effort, we suggest utilizing Performance Max.


  1. Run Search Ads

Running Google Search promotions should be a vital piece of your google advertisements procedure when running a campaign for a web-based business. Whether your website ranks organically or not depends on many SEO factors. Additionally, this is not permanent – Google rolls out further updates that affect your ranking on SERPs.

Moreover, this isn’t extremely durable – Google carries out various updates that influence your positioning on its SERPs.

Therefore you ought to constantly search for promotions that will rank you on top with the SEO execution. By the day’s end, you maintain that your business should be found by individuals, which is a powerful method for guaranteeing desired results


  1. Define Your Audience

While running your google promotions online, the main thing to do is characterize your target audience. Only when you understand your search intent can you market your items or services to them. For example, while choosing keywords on the web, you should pay just for what your audience will probably look at – and you can do that when you characterize your audience.


  1. Add relevant keywords

Google will utilize your item information to check whether your items fit a potential customer’s questions. Ensure that your product titles and descriptions include keywords that best describe your products.


  1. Optimize your Google campaigns

Think Google is too expensive? Maybe you just haven’t optimized your ads! You can reduce costs while ensuring that your campaign is still performing well. The following are four methods for enhancing your google advertisements technique for online business:

  • Vanity metrics ought to be eliminated
  • Use of targeted catchphrases(and stop your short tail keyword match).
  • Make a segment called “Impression to Conversion” (ITC).
  • In Google Analytics, use In-Market Segments.
  1. Branded search campaigns

The first Google Ads campaign you must test is a branded Google Shopping campaign. This promotion applies to the searcher since it focuses on those effectively searching for your particular image. This mission is firmly proposed for laid out web-based entrepreneurs who have some involvement in Google Ads advancement and have proactively spent on memorability.


  1. Write Google Ads Copy that Converts

Recall that search publicizing is text advertisements with no visuals, so how you make them decides their result.

Your promotion ought to be fixated on client benefits instead of item qualities. Try to comprehend and speak to the needs and feelings of your likely soon-to-be customer.

Also, remember that your ad space is restricted; ensure that you mention the most important thing(s) briefly. Utilize the same invitations to take action rather than extensive explanations.


  1. Make Google Video Ads

As a general rule, video promotion crusades are, for the most part, used to raise brand mindfulness. Accordingly, numerous dealers battle to make their videos worthwhile. Ad video goals may take guests from the highest point to the basic one. We know this due to the information-driven attribution system and video commercials’ gradual impact on conversion patterns.

Video ads are progressively becoming a piece of internet business PPC strategies, and they ought to be a piece of your google promotions e-commerce methodology.



These were our lists of the top 10 effective google ads e-commerce tactics that will help you close more sales!

if you’re seeking experts to help you optimise your adverts. Our team at Business Digital Agency” can be your solution! We have a team of Google AdWords experts who can help you profit from running ads! To begin your prosperous journey right away, call us today and experience the magic of online marketing.

6 Ways to Practically Grow Your Business with Digital Marketing in 2023

6 Ways to Practically Grow Your Business with Digital Marketing in 2023

One of our clients, in the eatery business, had stagnated on their Instagram followers. We suggested to them the importance of SEO through the blog, that not only improved the ranking of their pages on relevant keywords by doing the SEO right, but also helped them increase Instagram followers from 6k+ to 17k+. All these positive developments helped in increasing their online enquiries by up to 4 times in 6 months time. The digital marketing techniques in order to grow a business should be effective, chosen out of a variety of methods /components available, as digital marketing is a very vast and dynamic field. It is important these days for businesses to have an online presence as the customers prefer spending most of their time on digital platforms whether it’s general surfing and reading to gain knowledge or shopping. Businesses should create content which is personalized for the customers and should reflect their choices, behavior and mannerisms. The digital presence will help increase sales as well as direct interaction and feedback from customers about the brand etc.

1.   Strong Social Media Presence

Social media is a very powerful marketing tool. Many businesses solely rely on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram for their sales. Facebook’s marketplace feature and Instagram’s Shop features are really popular among customers. With the help of an online presence, a brand can reach out to millions of customers. Social media helps you to be better aware of your target audience and you can know their reviews about the products /services. A business can convert interested people into potential leads and finally customers with the help of social media.

2.   Maintain a Blog About an Informational Topic

Maintenance of a blog regarding your products, services and industry is a factor of interest for many customers and interested people as they love to know detailed information about the brand. Apart from regular customers, we can also attract new potential people to our website who genuinely find the information on the blogs useful and worth reading. Blog readers can also be converted into customers and a brand’s target audience.

  1. Search Engine Optimization

It is a common saying in marketing that if your brand is not seen by customers, your product won’t be sold in the market. Hence it is very important for a business to rank their business on search engine pages. Search engine Optimization enables businesses to rank on the first page of the search engine so that customers can easily find them and increase their visibility on the online platform. Businesses use special specific keywords to rank their business as whenever people type about the respective product or brand their business is shown to the customers. Problem solving and tips and tricks containing blogs are often ready by most customers

4.   Place a Lead Magnet

A lead magnet is an incentive which allows businesses to capture information like the email address or contact information details of a reader with the help of any free downloadable material. It could be an e-book or pdf. This type of incentive is usually free and should provide utility out of the piece of information. If the incentive is useful, people are more likely to provide their information. Whatever problems or issues have been faced by customers, you could preferably get written a Pdf or ebook on the solution for those topics.

5.   Build and Nurture an Email List

You get direct access to your core audience and potential buyers or customers when you build an email list. Email marketing follows a procedure in which potential leads are tried to be converted into customers with the help of step by step email. Businesses can try to maintain their relationship with the help of emails. Many tools like Getresponse and Mailchimp are used to maintain email subscriber lists along with subscription forms.

6.   Target Specific Demographics

Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing helps to target particular age groups and geographic locations. Demographic targeting also allows businesses to target on the basis of interest and sometimes even purchase behavior. Purchase behavior signifies their shopping behavior on online platforms.